Landlord Breakup is Helping Renters Become Homeowners in Dallas-Fort Worth

With Landlord Breakup, you can stay on top of the things that will help you transition from renting to owning a home of your own one day. Things such as your credit and finances, how you manage your bank account, and what you do while you're renting. Knowing where you stand is critical to getting what you want in life. And, preparing for homeownership is one of the best financial moves you can make for yourself. You can do both for free at — it’s that simple and it’s FREE.

Here’s what you get when you sign up:

Personalized Homeownership Plan Prepared by Our Experts

Sign up for free at and you’ll receive a personalized homeownership plan, prepared by our home, financial, and credit experts with advice tailored for you and your unique situation. We’re committed to helping you better understand your homeownership potential and identify steps you can take to own a home of your own.

We’re here to help – no matter where you stand

Good credit? Bad Credit? No judgments here. Our experts provide an action plan, regardless of your credit standing. We show you where you’re doing well, and where you should focus your efforts to improve, along with suggestions on concrete steps you can take to get your financials and credit in order so that you can own a home when you’re ready.

Get More

We give you free access to the tools and resources that will educate you about the home buying process and help you manage your finances. Our step-by-step online interactive tool guides you through 6 modules — visualize homeownership, assess your buying power, house hunt, make an offer & negotiate, preparing for closing, close & move-in.

Monitor Your Progress

Your action plan will detail steps you can take on a monthly basis throughout the term of your lease. We’ll reach out at regular intervals to see where you stand. You can chart your progress and follow-up as needed.

Get Started

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